The San Antonio Camaro Club was formed by a group of local enthusiasts interested in the preservation and enjoyment of this American classic. It all started in early 2009 after a few people received their brand new 5th Gen Camaros. Every Friday they would meet at Biffs and talk about their great rides; reminiscing about older Camaros either owned or seen in the past. As weeks went by, more 5th Gen owners appeared. Soon the few grew into many and Biffs parking lot quickly got too small.

By mid November 2009, the group had grown even more. Nearly 14 owners were itching to bring their cars out in force. Someone mentioned, Photo shoot and the word traveled as fast as 426 horses could carry it. Camaros quickly circled around the base of the Tower of Americas one Sunday morning for an awesome 24-car photo shoot. Afterwards, the group organized a spur of the moment cruise to the Alamo Dome and The Quarry.

After outgrowing Biffs, the group decided to look for a new Friday night home to meet at. They tried Houlihans for a while and then Bostons for a few weeks. Neither of these 2 places yielded the type of attention the Camaros deserved. Then, in late January 2010, a fellow 5th Gen owner came to the rescue by offering up his restaurant with reserved Camaro parking and a reserved party room. TGI Fridays became the new home for the Camaro army.

In February of 2010, the group welcomed back a fellow member returning from Afghanistan while serving in the Air Force. Nearly 40 Camaros converged on TGI Fridays making the Friday night meet a memorable one. It was apparent; the group takes care of its own.

In March of 2010, the group organized a 41-car cruise to Algeria Ranch near Fredericksburg, TX. It was an awesome site to see that many Camaros on I-10 in a row. A catered-in lunch was enjoyed by all followed by many photo opportunities on the ranch and a group photo shoot before heading back.

In April of 2010, TGI Fridays sponsored a Bud Light Camaro Night at the restaurant. This Friday meet pulled in Camaros from all San Antonio and surrounding areas. Over 50 owners showed up to take part in the festivities. TGI Fridays even christened a new drink in tribute of the Camaro called a, Camaro-rita.

July 2010. Beginning the 2nd year together, a few group members got together and crafted by-laws and became a valid official club known as the San Antonio Camaro Club (SACC). The Club was formed to develop a sense of camaraderie, enthusiasm and loyalty among Camaro enthusiasts through the dissemination of technical and practical information, business meetings, social activities, and to support worthy charitable organizations in the San Antonio and surrounding area.

Members love to organize photoshoots, car cruises, meet-ups, etc; SACC Also   contributes to many charities such as Providence Catholic School, Audie L. Murphy Veteran's Hospital, and St Jude Children's Research Hospital. It is the goal of the San Antonio Camaro Club to become a charitable thread within the fabric of San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Monthly meetings are held every 3rd Thursday, unless otherwise stated. Check calendar page for details a few days before.


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